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How to make healthy choices a habit

If you’ve been striving to kick-start a healthier lifestyle, you’ve probably tried any number of things.

How to make healthy choices a habit


As is stocking up on green and purple food. Maybe you’ve been denying yourself cake and snacks. Perhaps you’ve been juicing, calorie counting. Even weighing out your portion sizes or subjecting yourself to a punishing exercise regime. Is any of this sounding familiar?

Every morning starts out as a ‘good day’, doesn’t it? It’s like you’ve wiped the slate clean. Forgiven yourself yesterday’s ‘sins’. And you’re starting anew with willpower aplenty. Come evening, you’ve fallen back into your old ways. Whether that’s emotional eating, overindulging or mindlessly reaching for the biscuit tin. I know I’m not the only one who can relate to this soul-destroying cycle of motivation, deprivation. Closely followed by guilt.

But here’s the thing. Legend has it that it takes 21 days to change a habit. In reality, it’s far more complicated than that. If you want different results, you have to try different approaches. And to steer yourself away from a habit you’ve ingrained over the course of your life takes training your brain to think differently. It’s the first step towards breaking a pattern that no longer serves you. And the secret to a healthy and mindful relationship with food.

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What tips can you share for kick starting a healthier lifestyle? I’d love to hear your experiences. So please leave a comment and let me know. And if you’re eager to break a pattern that no longer serves you, click here for instant access to How To Master Healthier Habits.  It’s designed to help mums who are so over dieting.

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2 Comments to “ How to make healthy choices a habit”

  1. Jean Barnwell says :Reply

    Is this for me? I am 88 years old, very arthritic and not able to do much in the way of exercise. I am a cancer survivor. Unfortunately I have put on weight in all the wrong places. Some of my eating habits I consider to be good, i.e. I make smoothies which contain nutrients – kale, spinach, turmeric, kelp, beetroot, hemp protein, etc. I do enjoy a glass of red wine most days. Please advise me if you feel you can help me. I think mine is probably a mind-set problem mainly. Thankyou.

    1. Elena says :Reply

      Dear Jean,
      You’re right. Eating vegetables, seeds and spices, like you’ve mentioned is undoubtedly a good habit. Well done for that. And having a small glass of red wine is good for us too! Habits are also much broader than we think of them and include not just what we choose to eat or how we exercise, but how we react to life events, big or small. Some of our reactions, although helping us to cope with different situations aren’t helpful in a long run. We often turn to food when feeling bored or cancel a get together with a friend/exercise class when sad or anxious. And they’re so ingrained in us, that we often repeat them without noticing. Master Healthier habits will offer you a guidance on how to unravel emotional eating, for example, and wire a healthier response. In term of mindset, there are two types: fixed and growth. People with fixed mindset believe that they’re born with certain characteristics and nothing could change them. People with growth mind set believe that they can change a situation through learning and perseverance. I can see even from your brief comment that you firmly belong to this group. The good news is that it’s never too late to alter your ways. Our brain is remarkable and retains the ability to change via the process called neuroplasticity at any age. My very best wishes, Elena

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Too frazzled to start afresh?

Boost your brain with these 7 daily habits...