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Why there's absolutely nothing wrong with your willpower

Why there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your willpower


Relying on willpower to lose a few pounds? You’ve been putting your best efforts into it: bought all the healthy eating books, joined Weight Watchers. Tried the Atkins diet. Googled dietitians. Put your name down for Zumba. Or maybe you’ve been privately setting your own rules and goals (and then breaking them like a champ). Why does it have to be so hard?

And the negative self-talk kicks in, doesn’t it?

“It must be me. I’m just not strong enough. I don’t have enough willpower to carry things through. Others can, but I’m not cut out this way. What’s the point? Why shall I even bother? I don’t really care anymore. ”

When you really want to have a healthy weight. Lose a few pounds and keep it off. When you even have a pretty good idea what to do to make it happen. Have more veg. Move more. Cut down on biscuits. Why is it so hard to change?
If this sounds like you, I have good news for you. Why? Because …

You are not alone. And it’s entirely human to doubt yourself in this sometimes… unkind way. The thing is it’s not you. It’s your habits that have the upper hand.Eating habits are formed and established over the years of your unique life experiences. They’re so ingrained in you that it’s a job to notice them. And they’re so powerful that you fall back on them automatically, without thinking.

They’re literally encoded in your brain. And to steer yourself away from a habit you’ve ingrained over the course of your life takes training your brain to think differently. It’s the first step towards breaking a pattern that no longer serves you. And the secret to a healthy and mindful relationship with food.

Over to you

What habit of yours has thrown a spanner in the works? How did you overcome it? I’d love to hear your experiences. So please leave a comment and let me know. And if you’re eager to break a pattern that no longer serves you, click here for instant access to How To Master Healthier Habits. It’s designed to help mums who are so over dieting.

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Too frazzled to start afresh?

Boost your brain with these 7 daily habits...