I’m Elena - a Public Health Nutritionist with a passion for psychology and neuroscience. And I started Nutrition in the Mind to inspire diet-tired mums (and dads alike) to make peace with food and feel good about themselves. But I’m so over dieting fads and unrealistic expectations. So, I’ve made it my mission to help yo-yo dieters find lasting change - without dieting, guilt or depriving themselves. My work in the world revolves around changing the way people feel about food. If you’re looking for shortcuts or a get-thin-quick game plan, we won’t be a match. But if you’re open to discovering the smartest ways to make lasting change and reap the rewards of a healthier lifestyle … read on...

The workshop choice for yo-yo dieters who crave lasting change. It started with a simple idea to help food-anxious women understand the science behind their cravings. So they could ditch the diet and find lasting change. Feel Good About Food is an introduction to mindful and intuitive eating. We shine a light on dieting (and why it’s not working) before using mindfulness, inner wisdom and meditation to rewire your thinking.

The online course for yo-yo dieters who're fed up with patterns of restriction and overindulgence, of losing weight and then gaining more. I created How to Master Healthier Habits to help Mums like you take charge of their dining habits. I wanted to use evidence from nutrition, psychology and neuroscience to help you reprogram your brain, so you work with your body and mind, not against them, to make a habit of anything you want.

Too frazzled to start afresh?

Boost your brain with these 7 daily habits...It's FREE


Too frazzled to start afresh?

Boost your brain with these 7 daily habits...